Follow this step by step process to get registered for the 2021 FCHS Marching Band season.

2021 Welcome Letter


Read the Welcome Letter regarding this year's marching band season.

Fall 2021 Schedule

Step 2:

Mark you calendars for the Schedule of events for the 2021 season. Ensure that your student does not have any conflicts for our rehearsals and performances.

Registration Form

Step 3:

Fill out this Google Form after reading the 2021 Welcome Letter and reviewing the Schedule.

If you have already completed this at a previous date then move on to the next step.

2021-2022 Medical Release Form

Step 4:

Please make sure to select BAND from the drop down list of sports. This information will be given to coaches and the athletic trainer to have accessible at all practices & games. It will also be kept on file to insure consent has been given for the student-athletes to receive medical treatment. Please take the time to fill our the form. Must be completed by a parent or a guardian.

Permission Form

Step 5:

Print and complete a paper copy of the 2021 Permission Form. This form will encompass the entire marching band season. 

Paper copies will be available at the 2021 Band Parent meeting on July 20th for those that do not have access to a printer.

Communication in the Band

Step 6:

Get signed in to our Remind and BAND app for communication. Important communication will come through these avenues. Students and parents must enroll.

Additional Information


Below are some additional items of interest. Once you have completed Steps 1-6 then you have gotten everything registered for the season! View the items below at your convenience.

Physical Form

Additional Info:
It is strongly encouraged that students in the marching band complete a physical. This physical may also be used for FCHS sports throughout the school year.

Absence Form

Additional Info:
Students that have an unexpected absence must submit an email to Mr Dobbs.