Color Guard 2021 Information

For many of us, this information will be review. Do you best to commit to it anyways! It never hurts to practice and review something that you already know. We will have new choreography and some new staff joining us soon. Be tough and get to work!

To get a flag to take home for the summer - email

Video Recording

Everyone will complete. Returning members already have a spot on the team. Returning members videos are for learning purposes. New members will use this video as an audition for the ensemble. Do not fear - just work hard and do your best!

*State your name at the beginning of all videos
*Be sure the perspective of your video is such that the judges can see everything you are doing
*Sound file has been provided below to assist you with the production of any audition videos
*Give yourself plenty of room – outside is likely your best and safest option
*We are not looking for professional-quality videos. A video taken on a standard smartphone is fine
*Maximum video file size is 1 GB per file

Here are the instructional videos. Learn and record AS MUCH OF THIS AS YOU CAN. If there is something that you cannot do yet then do not stress. We will teach you during camp!  

1. Audition Fundamentals Here

2. Full Color Guard Choreography

3. Dance Choreography-64 counts total
      Instructional Video (learn the choreography by watching this video)
​      Performance Video (watch these kids perform through the 64 counts several times)

*PLEASE MAKE SURE THE CAMERA/PHONE YOU USE IS STEADY. Place it on something or use a tripod if possible.